Welcome to Bennii Van Rooy Consulting, your compass in the journey to food safety certification.

Here, I am more than just technical support; I am your strategic partner to ensure your market-ready products not only meet but exceed safety and legality standards.

My expertise paves the way for food businesses to navigate the complex landscape of food safety certification with confidence, ensuring that your focus remains on what you do best: bringing your product to the market seamlessly and successfully. 

Together, we'll turn challenges into triumphs, safeguarding your products’ journey from conception to consumption with food safety certification.

The cornerstone of my approach at Bennii Van Rooy Consulting, where my commitment to excellence in food safety certification and the growth of your business meets the heart of our operation.

At the forefront of my mission lies a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of aligning purpose with passion, a principle that steers my journey alongside each of my esteemed clients. I love what I do, and you reap the benefits of a strong focus on food safety certification.

Here, I value a collaborative venture, one that is anchored in the principles of mutual respect, trust, and a shared ambition to not only achieve but sustain compliance and excellence in every facet of food safety certification.

Guiding Principles:

  • Aligning my purpose and passion for food safety certification and the development of people with esteemed clientele who recognize value.
  • Sustainable relationship building with clients based on a blend of mutual respect, trust, and working together to achieve and maintain compliance status with food safety certification.
  • Empowerment of clients and their employees to manage, improve, and defend their own systems against food safety challenges.
  • Building capacity and facilitating growth of employees as food safety professionals.

Each of these principles serves as a beacon, guiding my practices and ensuring that every client I partner with is empowered, capable, and prepared to navigate the complexities of the food industry with confidence and food safety certification expertise.

Let me guide you through every step, making the path to compliance and excellence clearer and more achievable with food safety certification.


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Sustainable Relationship Building.
Passionately Different.
Capacity Building.