Water Safety Plans

Water Safety Planning is the process to consistently ensuring the safety of drinking water systems, using a preventative, risk management approach, which is comprehensive from water sources to treatment, water distribution, water transport and storage. 

Water Safety Plan Consulting is based on organizing systemic management practices applied to drinking water and ensure the applicability of these practices to the management of drinking water quality and ensure health risks are effectively managed.

Water Safety Plan development for Water Service Providers, Buildings and Organizations using Non - municipal drinking and processing water supply (boreholes, fountains etc).

This includes:

  • Hazards and hazardous events identification 
  • Development of control measures
  • Alignment with emergency preparedness procedures
  • Development of operational verification and monitoring programs
  • Facilitate compilation of Water Safety Manual and Risk Assessment
  • Facilitate training on Water Safety Plan development
  • Document Water Safety Plan into recognized ISO 22000 certification system.
  • Training and Capacity Building of Employees